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Caramel Australian Labradoodle with beautiful eyes
Temperament & Behavior

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a dog to add to your family. Some, like the size of your home and your schedule, are dependent on you and your lifestyle. Others depend on the characteristics of your potential pet. One of the most important characteristics of any dog is their temperament: how they interact with people, how they interact with other dogs, and their general demeanor. It is hard to find a dog with a better temperament than an Australian labradoodle. They are fun-loving, comical, and goofy. They want to do whatever you and your family are doing! If the kids are running around playing, that is what they want to do.  If you are snuggled up with a good book, they will happily curl up beside you and nap.

Australian labradoodles are incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They are loyal, non-aggressive, curious, and very loving and affectionate with their family and will form a tight bond with them.

The Australian labradoodle is also friendly with strangers, and for this reason they do not make the best guard dog in the world. Because of their need to be around people they are known to become quite anxious if left alone for too long. For this reason, they are not suited to families that spend most of the day away from home unless other alternatives, such as doggy day care, are used.

The Australian Labradoodle is very intuitive. If you are feeling sad, then they will be affectionate and nuzzle into your neck. If you are feeling energetic, they will place a ball into your hands or in front of your feet – ready to play. That warm and loving Australian labradoodle personality along with their intuition makes them ideal therapy and emotional support dogs for people with autism, physical disabilities, depression, and a number of other issues.

The Australian labradoodle loves everyone and everyone loves them!

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Family Friendly

An Australian labradoodle is happiest when they are with the people they love, and they will shower their family with affection and devotion. They will quickly become an essential part of the family. They are particularly wonderful with children—loving, gentle, and yet oozing with energy. As mentioned under the temperament section above, an Australian labradoodle is naturally sociable and bonds quickly with their family.

In addition, because of their non-aggressive and easy-going social attitude, they usually do well with other dogs and pets in the household.  Because of these qualities, Australian labradoodles make fantastic family pets!

Boy vs. Girl: Which Makes a Better Pet?

Dr. Gary Richter, a holistic vet, founder of Montclair Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Veterinary Care, and author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide says that broadly speaking, a dog’s gender has little bearing on their suitability as a pet. “That shouldn’t be a major factor in the decision-making process,” Dr. Richter notes. “Meet the dog and see if their personality fits with yours."  He adds that a good fit between dog and owner is more likely to be dependent on other factors. “You need a dog whose energy level and demeanor fit with your lifestyle.”

That view is shared by Nicole Ellis, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), APDT member, American Kennel Club CGC evaluator, and coauthor of Working Like a Dog. She says that the most important influence on personality and compatibility with humans “is not male or female but how a dog is trained and what it’s exposed to.”

As JoaLins' Australian Labradoodles are required to be spayed or neutered by the time they are 1 year old, the differences between the sexes is minimal and gender is not a good guide to future health or personality.  As the result of early spay and neutering the girls do not normally experience hormonal cycles and the boys seldom develop the testosterone-driven behaviors such as marking territory or wandering in search of a girl in heat.


Because these differences are eliminated with spay/neutering before sexual maturation, JoaLins recommends that families base their preference on personality, temperament, and activity level rather than gender.  It is more important that a family selects a dog that suits their lifestyle, which is why, at JoaLins, we ask about your family’s activity level (quiet, semi-active, or active) and other family questions when you inquire about purchasing an Australian labradoodle puppy from JoaLins.

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The multi-generational Australian Labradoodle boasts a consistent low to non-shedding, low-dander coat that causes less allergic reactions in individuals who suffer with dog allergies than most dog breeds.  While no dog breed is truly 100% hypoallergenic, multi-generational Australian labradoodles like those produced by JoaLins, are considered very “allergy friendly.”


As with all dogs, to prevent unwanted behaviors and obesity, you will need to provide an Australian Labradoodle with daily mental and physical activities that will keep it happy while also allowing it to release its energy in a positive way.

The Australian Labradoodle usually has a low-to-moderate energy level, so a 20 to 30-minute walk each day would be enough to satisfy its exercise needs. If you are active outdoors, you can take your Australian labradoodle with you – they make great walking buddies! If you have a safe, enclosed backyard, an Australian Labradoodle will also love running around and playing with you. If you have a pool, or if you live near a lake or the beach, bring an Australian Labradoodle along, as many love to splash in the water and swim.

While indoors, an Australian Labradoodle should be provided with a range of toys that will keep it mentally stimulated, as doing so will help prevent boredom. Providing indoor entertainment such as chew toys (not rawhide), dog puzzles, frozen Kongs, or snuffle mats will challenge an Australian Labradoodle intellectually. Giving an Australian Labradoodle several options would keep it from being bored, and it would also divert its attention from chewing on your shoes.

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