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Puppy Match Process

One of the most important services JoaLins provides is matching each of our adorable puppies to the right family. Our goal is to create a lasting and positive relationship between the puppy and you and your family!

Your coat color and gender preferences, along with your top choices of the puppies in a litter after you visit with the puppies at around 7 weeks of age, are critical components of this collaborative process. Rest assured, we take your preferences seriously and will carefully consider them during our match process. Your satisfaction and the happiness and well-being of our puppies are our top priorities and are at the heart of everything we do!

These are some of the things we will consider during this match process.

  1. Family Lifestyle. We will consider your family's lifestyle, including activity levels, daily routines, and living and work arrangements.

  2. Temperament. Following temperament testing of each puppy at 7 weeks of age, we will share those results and insights with you. This will include each puppy's traits such as friendliness, sociability, confidence, and adaptability. We will then work with you to consider how these traits align with your family’s preferences and lifestyle.

  3. Energy Level Compatibility. We will spend a lot of time assessing each puppy's energy level. Some families may prefer a high-energy dog that can keep up with an active lifestyle, while others might be better suited for a calmer and more laid-back companion.

  4. Family Members' Interactions. We will consider the dynamics and preferences of each family member; especially the interactions when you attend the puppy visit. Some puppies may be more suitable for families with children, while others may be better suited for individuals or couples.

  5. Training and Socialization Needs. We will take into consideration each puppy's training and socialization needs and each family’s experience with training a puppy. Some families may be prepared for the commitment of training a more independent puppy, while others may prefer a puppy with easier training requirements.


By understanding your lifestyle and preferences, and the puppy's unique temperament, energy level and traits, we will make the very best match possible to ensure that your puppy will be the right “fit” and will bring so much happiness to your home. With all of the success we have achieved matching just the right dog to each family, we are convinced that this match process works so much better than the more common practice where the first person to place their deposit gets first choice of the puppies! Every puppy is an individual, and our goal is to create a lasting and positive relationship between the puppy matched to you and your family.

We know it is hard not to choose just one favorite, but this process works best if you keep an open mind about gender, color, and other "cosmetic" traits. Of course, we understand people have preferences and we always do our best to honor those preferences and make everyone happy. Each puppy is unique, but all are gorgeous, happy, and wonderful little bundles of joy. In all the years we have been breeding these wonderful Australian Labradoodles, we have only had 2 families who were not overjoyed with the puppy matched to them initially, but after a couple of months these 2 families both told us that their puppy was just perfect for their family and they were overjoyed with the outcome. Our aim is to foster a lasting and positive bond between the puppy matched to you and your family, ensuring a fulfilling and joyful companion for years to come!

Bottom line, this means that we want you to be super excited to take home any puppy that is matched to you if you decide to commit to a litter of puppies. If you are not comfortable with this match process that we use, let’s talk as soon as possible as JoaLins might not be the right breeder for you.

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