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Puppy Cost

Thank you for considering a JoaLins multi-generational Australian Labradoodle! We're excited about the possibility of sharing one of our wonderful puppies with you. Each JoaLins puppy is priced at $3000, offering exceptional value considering the extensive testing done on the parents, their proven pedigrees, the 2-year health guarantee we provide, and so much more. Our puppy price is the same regardless of the puppy’s size, gender, coat color, markings, or the potential to become a therapy or emotional support dog.  Feel free to explore our website further for more information, and don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. We're here to help you find your perfect furry companion!

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Your puppy is reserved once we receive and review your puppy application, notify you that we feel we can meet your needs for a puppy, and your $500 non-refundable reservation fee is received.  The $500 reservation fee will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy.  For our puppy buyers convenience, we take PayPal, wire transfer, personal check and credit cards for the required reservation fee.  

Payment in full for your JoaLins puppy is due at least two weeks before your puppy’s published go home date. If you won’t be able to pick up your puppy in person and have pre-arranged with us to bring your puppy to you, those additional travel costs are also due with your final puppy payment. If it is more convenient for your family, you can make periodic payments instead of paying the entire balance at one time. 

If circumstances come up that don’t allow you to take home your JoaLins puppy at the agreed to go home date, you may roll your reservation fee over to the next available spot in another litter. Your reservation fee is valid for 1 year from the date it is received.

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What you will get with your amazing puppy from JoaLins:

Your multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppy from JoaLins will come with the following:

  • 2-year health guarantee against genetic problems that would alter the quality of your puppy’s life.

  • Puppy paperwork to include a copy of the puppy’s pedigree, a copy of the veterinarian’s examination, registration paperwork, and puppy feeding and care instructions.

  • A bag of the high-quality puppy food that the puppy has been eating since being weaned from mama. This bag of food should last you over 3 weeks.

  • A 30-day free puppy health insurance policy.

  • An examination completed by a licensed veterinarian, first round of puppy vaccinations and de-worming.

  • Microchipped.

  • A leash and a collar.

  • A puppy that is raised from day 1 in an enriched, controlled environment by experienced Australian Labradoodle breeders  whose primary focus is the physical, social and emotional well-being and development of your puppy.  We do everything we can to ensure a well-adjusted, healthy, happy puppy. 

  • A lifetime of support from JoaLins Australian Labradoodles.

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Shipping a Puppy

While we prefer for you to come pick up your new Australian Labradoodle puppy we understand that isn’t always possible or practical. We will work with you to make travel arrangements if you can't pick up your puppy in person.  Travel fees are determined on an individual basis. They can range from $150 and up depending on the location, availability, mode of travel and date reservations are made.

We will not ship our puppies in air cargo due to the horror stories we have recently seen in the news. We can provide a member of our family to travel with the puppy in the  cabin of the plane if you cannot fly to Tampa or Orlando to pick up your puppy.

JoaLins will do everything possible to make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible!

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