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Puppy Training

If you are interested in additional upfront puppy training by an experienced dog trainer we would be glad to refer you to an excellent certified dog trainer that offers puppy training in her home. Her training is the gold standard in puppy training!  This individual is an amazing trainer and where we send our dogs that we are going to keep as potential breeders. If you select this option, at 8 weeks old your puppy will be placed into her care - she will board and train your puppy in her home located right outside of Tampa Fl.  During this additional time, your puppy will learn basic obedience, continue with house training and crate training, plus be exposed to great socialization exercises both in home and out with adults, cats, other dogs and children. This additional training time is perfect for those families that don’t want to deal with those early puppy stages, those that need additional assistance or families that can’t pick up their puppy on the scheduled day due to other commitments.  While this is excellent training, it does NOT mean the puppy will instantly be a perfectly trained dog - it is still a puppy and will require follow through in your home. However, this puppy training will provide a solid foundation of the basics and an excellent start for those that do not feel they have the skills or the time to provide the necessary initial puppy training themselves. There is very limited space in her program as she works one-on-one with each puppy, so if you are interested, make sure to let us know so you can get your reservation in early!


"She did a tremendous job crate training and potty training him in the four weeks she had him. She also taught him to use the bell to let us know he had to go potty. He could also sit and lay down and knew how to “stay” or “wait”. It really helped us greatly! By the time we got Jax from her he was such a perfect puppy! He never chewed anything etc. and never had “accidents “ in the house . I would highly recommend her and we still use her to this day to watch him when we go on vacation! And now she will also be watching sweet Mardi too!!"  ~Shelly

Baxter & Bella

If you are interested in training your JoaLins puppy yourself, we have really exciting news!  Recognizing the importance of training and wanting to help you get started in the right direction as quickly as possible, we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella to provide discounted lifetime access to their exclusive MEMBERS ONLY online puppy school!

We get emails all the time from individuals about puppy biting, chewing, and all those normal stages puppies go through that can be difficult at times.  As a result, we have been searching for quite a while to find something that fits with everyone’s busy lifestyles, supports our thoughts about positive reinforcement dog training, is affordable, and is done by professionally trained and certified dog trainers. We were only looking for training online as not everyone can take time off from work to go to a dog training class, or they want their whole family to participate in training their puppy, or individuals are not comfortable being in groups with people they do not know during these scary times.  We think BAXTER & Bella is the answer to what we were looking for and is a program we feel comfortable recommending.

In short, their easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online dog training program provides everything you will need in order to successfully train your dog, whether your dog is just a 3 month old puppy or an adult.  BAXTER & Bella's lifetime membership includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts & checklists, training games and activities, events, pod casts, classes, and so much more in one online location. They also include unlimited one-on-one professional help to their members – a huge benefit!

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Baxter & Bella logo

Since JoaLins joined as a breeder partner, BAXTER & Bella has agreed to offer our friends and JoaLins puppy families an instant 25% savings off of their lifetime membership.  Bottom line, it will cost you about $175.00  - that’s less than what many pay to participate in typical puppy training courses at your local pet store and this is a

lifetime membership!

If you decide to join, don't forget to use our unique discount code: JOALINS  at checkout for your 25% discount off their regular price. This discount is available to our JoaLins puppy families and others interested in a great online training program.

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