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Planned Litters

We have some upcoming breedings in 2024 that we are really excited about! Check out the planned litters below.

mini male doodle

Carly & Chandler

CARLY.  Carly, whose registered name is JoaLins Anticipation, finds joy in everything she does and everyone she meets. She is very sweet and has a wonderful temperament.  Carly is curious and outgoing with the just the right amount of energy. She enjoys going on trips that are full of adventure as much as she likes cuddly afternoons on the sofa watching for the next commercial featuring dogs. It is so much fun watching her play with other dogs as she is so happy running around chasing them and being chased – she is always jumping for joy with a big doggie smile on her face.

Carly has gorgeous soft wavy fur that is a deep golden caramel in color. When the sun shines on her coat it almost looks like gold. Carly is a mini in size and weighs about 22 pounds. Carly has passed all of her genetic testing as well as testing of her hips, elbows, and eyes with flying colors. We are super excited to welcome the puppies she will have in this litter!

We searched all over the US for exactly the right stud for our Carly. We wanted a boy that was small and had the very best temperament. We found Chandler at Davis Doodles in Atlanta Georgia - he is perfect!  We bred our Carly to Chandler when she came into heat in late March. We couldn't be more excited about the puppies these two will produce!  We anticipate that this litter of puppies will be born around the end of May. They should be about 15 - 22 pounds as adults and will be apricot, caramel, and cream in color. 


Bindi & Theo


BINDI. We have had such great feedback from the families that took one of Bindi’s puppies home last Spring that we duplicated everything about that breeding! Bindi, who’s registered name is Simply Trained Sparkling Apricot Cider at JoaLins, is a mini multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and is gorgeous as can be.

When the description of the Australian Labradoodle was written by the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association they must have been watching Bindi. She is a social butterfly and loves to meet new people. Overflowing with joy and fun, Bindi brings endless amusement, fun and happiness to us and others around her. Bindi is intuitive and smart as a whip, and loves to play with her dog sister Elle out in the yard. But those lizards in the yard need to watch out as she is an exceptional hunter even though she never catches one! 😊  Every single day she shows unconditional love and complete loyalty.

Theo, the stud for this upcoming repeat breeding, has red wavy fur and you can’t find a more perfect temperament. He is sweet, loving and loves to play with his two human siblings.  These puppies from Bindi and Theo should be very small minis – approximately 17 – 20 pounds as adults and will be apricot and red in color. We can’t wait to hold these little ones! Projected date of birth of this litter from Bindi and Theo is mid-May.


Planned Litters

“Planned” is the key word in these descriptions. Breeding is not an exact science – Mother Nature is involved.  As a result, sometimes the timing of a female’s heat cycle, the success of a breeding, or an expected litter’s coat colors or markings don’t always match exactly what we had planned. We can estimate heat seasons, hope for successful breedings, and predict color percentages and markings of a litter, but Mother Nature makes the final call.  We strive to select pairings of adult dogs that will produce wonderful temperaments and color combinations, and we are always thrilled with the puppies, no matter their gender, colors or patterns/markings. In addition, JoaLins may need to use a different stud than originally planned due to a number of contributing factors like the availability of the stud on the exact day we must breed.  In the event we change a stud for a future pairing, we will make every effort to select a stud that will likely produce the same colors and sizes expected, however this may not always be possible.

When you pay your reservation fee, you will be placed on JoaLins’ Master Reservation list. After that, our process is very simple. We contact all of the families on our Master Reservation list and let them know that puppies are due about one week before the projected date of birth and after an x-ray is done by our reproductive vet. When the puppies are born, we reach back out to families on our Master Reservation list in the order their reservation fee was paid, the size of puppy they are hoping for, and those families with VIP status.

Our Master Reservation list is fluid and, by its nature, can change. For example, families who are at the top of the list may decide to defer to a later litter for whatever reason such as a health issue, a recent move, a new job, etc. That could result in families moving higher up on the reservation list. In addition, if there is a previous puppy buyer on our list, they receive VIP status. Finally, JoaLins may make a business decision and plan to keep one or two of the puppies from a particular breeding as prospective breeders since we usually only breed our girls 3 or 4 times before we retire them.

It is not uncommon for our reservation list to fill up quickly and for families to wait two to three months for the right Australian Labradoodle puppy from JoaLins. It is very common for reputable multi-generational Australian Labradoodle breeders to have such wait lists. Sometimes though we are able to provide the right match of a family to one of our puppies in less than that time frame if several of our families have deferred to a later litter. So please take the time now to fill out and submit an application and place a reservation fee to reserve a spot if you are interested in adding a future JoaLins multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppy to your family!!  Click here for the application. Your reservation fee is always transferable to a different litter at a later date.

Questions? Need more information? Send us an email using the form under “Contact Us” or call (813) 449-3359 during our office hours listed on our “Contact Us” page.  Between puppies and family, we can’t always answer the phone, but please leave a message or let us know by email that you’d like to talk, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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