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JoaLins' Health Guarantee

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JoaLins guarantees that, at the time of delivery, the puppy purchased from JoaLins is in good health and, to the best of JoaLins’ knowledge, free from all genetic defects. JoaLins has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the physical soundness and temperament of the puppy. To the best of JoaLins' knowledge, the puppy’s sire and dam are free of hereditary defects as well.

Upon picking up your puppy, you have 4 business days to take your JoaLins puppy to a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of your choice to examine the puppy and determine the puppy’s physical condition. If satisfied that the puppy is in good health as documented by the Veterinarian’s report, you will retain possession of the puppy and hold JoaLins harmless and not liable for any further medical conditions of the puppy.

If the puppy is found to be in a general state of very poor health or is found to be seriously ill by the licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within those 4 days, you must immediately provide JoaLins with a copy of this veterinarian report on the veterinarian’s letterhead that has been signed by the veterinarian and notarized. You may then return the puppy to the JoaLins within three days of the veterinarian examination for either a full refund or a replacement puppy. All veterinarian and transportation expenses are your responsibility.

JoaLins assumes no responsibility for any health-related issues or loss of life due to reactions caused by vaccinations, travel, flea and tick applications administered either orally or on the skin surface, or other conditions resulting from the care given the puppy after leaving JoaLins. A warranty against all verifiable, serious life altering genetic diseases is provided by JoaLins for two years after the date of birth of the puppy. During this time, should a confirmed genetic disease be discovered that will greatly shorten the life of, or greatly alter the dog’s quality of life and this is documented by a signed and notarized report from a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, JoaLins will reimburse you the veterinary costs necessary to treat the genetic disease, up to a lifetime maximum of $1000.

This two-year warranty does not cover any condition caused by or contracted while in your possession and only applies to the original owner named within the Health Warranty and Agreement. JoaLins reserves the right to obtain a second opinion at JoaLins’ expense prior to taking any actions. This health guarantee will be terminated immediately if the puppy is not examined by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within the allotted 4 business days and that veterinary report provided to JoaLins or if you do not activate the 30-day free insurance provided by JoaLins within 24 hours of the puppy leaving JoaLins.  Further details can be found in JoaLins' Health Warranty and Agreement. 

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